hurt friendship poems

The hurt friendship poems

don't know if their real
if they care
what should I do, what can I do?
A joyful moment is made painful beucase u were there
U say that u are my friend
That we are close like sisters
A friend that dosen't care
A friend that dosen't help
A friend that isn't there to lean on
is no friends at all
A friends that hurts
A friend that uses
A friends take can't see you for you but only what you can do
Is no friend at all
When I look around
andsee the faces offriends

I cano nly think I really am alone......

Because they are truely no friends at all

Hurt and Confused

Hurt and confused
I sit here thinking what do i do
is this thing i hear true
and if it is how could you so rude
and if it isn't how could he lie
I sit here and i cry
Hurt and confused
oh lord what do i do
I love them both
and i pray and hope
things will work
How can this be happening
Hurt and confused
lord oh lord i can't stop the tears
This is worse than my biggest fears
This situration is a little weary
I'm feeling scared
How could you put me threw this
right now i want to die
so i don't have to bear the pain i cry
I hate feeling so unperaped
will my parents still care for me the way they do
even if this whole things is true
oh lord please
hurt and confused
signed lonly hopless me


Lost and broken dream
so many fantastical tears stream
shattered soul behind
an innocent face but I didn't know that kind

The drape of your drama should have descended on time
although everything was gonna be fine
When you said all your sore words
and all the people clapped and gave you scores

when you persuaded them by your sad tale
that you are poor and always fail
I believed the play and my heart had a soulful cry
I've known late that all what you performed was just a lie

And now is there still something you wanna say??
Is there another mocking way??
You knew you have much better speech to hurt me
You felt you haven't done anything yet!!

You wanna show your ability to make me feel pain
to let me know that I am nothing or remain
You are really sensitive to say sorry
You see you were direct and never made me worry

You sacrificed not to let yourself hurt me
and I should have bowed for your dignity
when you said"You don't love me"
I was supposed to give you a decoration!!

You see you never made me sad
When I was speechless and was also bad
Your advent hurt me
Your actions proved what I did mean to you

Forgiveness has no place
between us as we will never be in the same race
So please don't gaze at me as it's over in any case
as for sure you hurt me all over again